Redwood (pine) sawn timber production and export

  • We do believe that Your company requires high-quality Russian Redwood (Pine/ Pinus Sylvestris) sawn timber for production or trading purposes.
  • Our IDEA is to make sawn timber business directly from Russian manufacturer to European customer (a manufacturer or a big trader) without chains of many small traders and re-traders.
  • We think that every Russian manufacturer of sawn timber must sell his real quality sawn timber for the highest possible price and every European customer could afford this price. Let's trade without small traders and re-traders!
  • We prefer to saw pinewood (Russian Redwood) from Vologda region and produce standard sizes of boards popular in European countries 50х100/125/150/175/200 mm, with lengths 3.0-6.0 m.
  • We have a rather big experience both in sawn timber manufacturing and in it exporting to Europe (Chech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Latvia, Poland and Switzerland).
  • Our saw-mill is situated in Babayevo of Vologda Oblast. Our partners produce sawn timber in 7 regions of Vologda Oblast and equipped with band and circular saws.

  • As a result to activity in 2003, “Redwood Trading Ltd” became one of five leading companies of Vologda Oblast on the volume of exported redwood sawn timber.
  • According to statistics, the share of “Redwood Trading Ltd” amongst companies of the Russian Federation, exporting redwood sawn timber to Poland, on total 2003 has formed 12 %.
  • Our partners are the saw-mills in Vologda Oblast, the large international trading companies, manufacturers of furniture and furniture solid panels and the European building companies.
  • Basically we work with pine sawn timber (Redwood/ Pinus Sylvestris), but we take into account a great demand in the Western Europe on spruce boards (Whitewood/ Picea Abies), and also a plenty of the Russian manufacturers, preferring to work with whitewood timber.
  • The basic commodity market of our sawn timber - Poland where are a number of factories on manufacture of glued laminated boards and furniture of the known German companies.
  • We plan to increase the geography of our supplies and adjust contacts with new European customers.

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